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Cellsecure product range
Affordable wireless security

Cellsecure products are designed and manufactured in South Africa and offers a self contained, cost effective and user-friendly way of protecting your loved ones and valuable assets.
The products feature the following:

No wires between sensors and the control panel.

3-button remote control to arm and disarm, press panic, silent panic and sleep mode.

Add on outside infrared detectors to give an early warning.

Technological advanced sensor that last up to 5 years.

Sophisticated random code encryption (code hoping)with 64 billion code combinations, making it almost impossible to violate electronically.

Full visual control panel for zone identification.

Standby battery life for control panel up to 96 hours.

Easy to add on.

Compliance with insurance company specifications.

Telemetry outputs to communicate to the user design key holders and armed response companies.   

With the sms capabilities of the Communicator panel, you have the advantage of two way communication between security system and users.

The wireless capability means that you can place it anywhere within 30 meters of the alarm receiver in the perimeter of your property. Any detected infrared movement will immediately be transmitted to the receiver, therefore alerting you to the intruder.

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